Its been more than honour to launch this web-site, dedicated entirely to the old hindi films songs of LATA MANGESHKAR and that too prior to year 1960.

Lata Mangeshkar, this name always fascinated me right from my college days. Especially those days in 1980s when after listening to any Lata Gem on Radio Ceylon, how I used to run after the kabadis, that too on a bicycle. Sheer CRAZINESS ! Sometimes I really thank my various projects postings, since those got me various opportunities to pursue my records collection, esp Eastern Part of India...Small towns of Bihar, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Bengal...

Through this web-site, we shall be trying to play all the songs of her prior to 1960. Since these songs are not easily available to listen to, there shall be a special emphasis on these songs.

In this endeavor, my beloved wife Saee and Apoorv Moghe have been just marvelous. Saee’s role was to convert these songs to mp3 from cassettes and records and Apoorv's role was to enlist most of these songs .Both the jobs were herculean, I confess here. I am thankful to you both Saee and Apoorv. My kids Radha and Sarvesh were also of great help in this project, with their moral support. How expert are our kids as long as LATA MANGESHKAR is concerned !  A special mention to my sister Late Anuradha Deshmukh, who herself was a Lata fanatic and my parents Late Justice YG and Late Asha Deshpande again great connoisseurs. Music came to us in heritage, that’s what I can say in brief.

A very special mention to Shri Vinayak Vaidya from Thane is also must, it is he, who suggested title of this web-site.

Special feature of this web-site is its search option, where-in we are trying to put all the data involving her songs that is on whom that have been screened, music composers, lyricists etc. For anybody, who has academic interest for her songs might get complete information on her songs. Through this site, my endeavor shall be to play all the songs of Lataji, prior to year 1960, just to let all know what a rich treasure she has created for all of us. I have some 8-10 songs missing from my repertoire up to 1960, for that, I am trying it very hard to procure Through this web-site, I shall appeal all the music lovers to help us find these songs also. These songs shall be notified in the web-site itself  

Regards to all, Ajay  Y  Deshpande, Nagpur, India


Name:   Ajay Deshpande

 Date Of Birth: 23rd October 1967


Civil Engineer and a hard core Lata Bhakt ! Collecting her songs right from the college days. Cell No 91-93731-16816, 73543-30226



Name: Saee Deshpande

 Date Of Birth: 1st November 1971


M.Sc. in Mathematics,Hindustani Classical singer and again a Lata Bhakt ! Took fabulous care of our huge music collection.Takes care of management of this website.


Name:   Apoorv S Moghe
Date Of Birth:  17th March 1989

Graduate in instrumentation engineering .Trained in Hindustani Classical music.Has a great interest in statistics of Hindustani film music.




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